On this site I list the extensions I have made for Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. All extensions are developed by me mostly for my own use but I gladly share them with anyone who might find them useful. Basically I make an extension for every feature I miss in Firefox and that are not available from any other source. If you have any trouble with one of them or want to suggest new features please contact me.

Extensions for Firefox 3

FLST & Permit Cookies is still working with ff3. I have just bumped maxversion so they should be installable now!

New version of FLST. Tabflipping didn't work in FF3, sorry.

Add bookmark here is in beta or rather alpha right now but should work ok. abhere_30.xpi

New version of Bookmark launcher. bookmarklauncher_11.xpi

Bookmark launcher

Bookmark launcher

Opens a dialog window that lets you search and load bookmarks. Shortcut is F4 and it works almost as Firefox default search in the bookarks sidebar. The difference is that the dialog window is closed when you press Enter to load a bookmark. And you use Enter to go from the search field to the searchresults. Ctrl + Enter loads the selected bookmark in a new tab.


Tab Slideshow

This extension cycles through tabs at a given interval. Rightclick a tab and choose "Tab Slideshow" to activate. To change interval, open the extensions manager and doubleclick "Tab Slideshow".
It was included in FLST before but I decided that it would be better as a separate extension.

Version 1.0 2006-01-27:


Thunderbird Keys

Just some keyboard shortcuts I felt were missing in Mozilla Thunderbird
Ctrl + Left/Right-arrow moves between the foldertree and the email list
Ctrl + B opens a news/blog-post in the default browser

Version 0.1 2005-02-11:

Rightclick to download

Send To (test version)

SendTo 1
SendTo 2

Sends selected text to a file and then opens that file in an external application. You can use the contextmenu or a shortcut (ctrl+e).
I use it to sent text to Editpad, some editors will open a new window everytime.

Version 0.1 2004-04-28:

Version 0.2 2004-09-15:
Compatible with 1.0 Filepicker in settings

Version 0.3 2004-10-15:
Bugfix: url was not included. Reversed order, new selections is inserted at the beginning of the file. I think it makes more sense to have the latest cotent at the top but I will probably make this optional in next version.
I just discovered that ctrl+e is taken :-( I will try to find some other shortcut for the next version...


Permit Cookies

Use the keyboard shortcut (Alt + C) or click on the statusbar button to set cookie permissions for the site you are viewing. The button displays the current permission level for every website.
Suggested usage: Disable cookies in Tools->Options->Privacy and only permit cookies from sites you trust.

Version 0.1:

Version 0.2 2004-05-27:
New dialog with Allow/Block/Remove radiobuttons.

Version 0.2.1 2004-09-15:
Compatible with 1.0

Version 0.4 2004-12-17:
Supports session cookies
Ugly toolbar button :) (feel free to send in some better looking icons)
Additional shortcut: ctrl + insert

Version 0.5 2005-02-11:
Bugfix - some people experienced crashes

Version 0.6 2005-05-10:
Removed ctrl+insert - it's supposed to be "copy" in windows, sorry about that!

Version 0.6.2 2005-12-01:
The toolbar button is now a statusbar button.
Compatible with Firefox 2.0


Add Bookmark Here

This extension adds an option to the bookmarks menu and/or the context menu for bookmark folders that enables you to add a bookmark to that folder. This feature is present in Opera where it is called "Add page here..." and I think it's a very convenient way to keep the bookmarks sorted.

This extension does not work with the menu edit extension. See this forum for a possible workaround

Version 0.1:

Version 0.2:
Added an option to bring up the "Add Bookmark" dialog to be able to edit Name and URL for bookmark.

Version 0.3:
"Add Bookmark Here" is now available in the bookmarks menu.
Option to show the Properties dialog for added bookmark.

Version 0.3.1:
Drag and drop no longer mess up the menu.

Version 0.4 2004-05-13:
'Add Bookmark Here' first in bookmarks menu.
Option to position menuitems first in folders.

Version 0.5 2004-05-17:
New Add bookmark dialog with:

  • keyword- and description-fields
  • 'load in sidebar' checkbox
  • 'bookmark all tabs in a folder' checkbox, when multiple tabs is open

Version 0.5.2 2004-09-15:
Compatible with 1.0 + bugfixes

Version 0.5.3 2004-11-13:

Version 0.5.5 2004-12-01:
Update for Firefox 1.5

Version 0.5.6 2006-09-30:
Update for Firefox 2.0 + minor bugfix

Version 0.5.7 beta 2006-10-03:
Experimental support for Bookmark Duplicate Detector
Please report any problems with this version. If I don't hear anything within some weeks I'll release it to mozilla addons.


FLST (Focus Last Selected Tab)

Brings focus to the last selected tab when closing the active tab. Focus previous tab by clicking the active tab (tabflipping).

F9 - flst on/off
ctrl + . - switch to last selected tab

Version 0.4:
ctrl+m toggles flst on/off for the active window.

Version 0.5:
I have moved the "confirm on close" to a separate extension called Tabwarning.

Version 0.6 2004-04-28:
Changed shortcut key to F9, ctrl+m is the key for email in ffox 0.9.
Made the on/off switch persist between sessions.

Version 0.7 2004-07-31:
Toggle to previous tab by clicking the active tab.

Version 0.8 2004-08-09:
New 'Tab Slideshow' that cycles through tabs at a given interval.
Added an option to turn off 'tabflipping' because this interferes with various other extensions that catches clicks on tabs.

Version 0.8.1 2004-09-15:
Compatible with 1.0

Version 0.8.2 2005-02-11:

Version 0.8.5 2005-12-01:
Removed "Tab Slideshow"
Compatible with Firefox 2.0

Version 0.8.6 2008-02-25:
Compatible with Firefox 3